en toute confiance

Private, online English, Spanish, and French classes for businesses and adult professionals.


  • Private Conversation Classes
  • Beginner Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Business Spanish
  • DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exam preparation
  • Spanish fluency evaluations


  • Private Conversation Classes
  • Beginner French
  • Intermediate French
  • Advanced French
  • Business French
  • FSL (French-as-a-Second Language) exam preparation
  • French SLE (Second Language Exam) preparation for the Canadian federal government and public service
  • French fluency evaluations

Online Classes

We offer classes online via Zoom so that you can learn from anywhere in a comfortable, private space.

Flexible Hours

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes to accomodate your busy schedule.

Practical Language

As both native speakers and second-language speakers, our teachers bring language theory to life, guiding you through a language as it is commonly spoken and understood.


You don’t speak because you don’t feel confident.  You haven’t improved because you don’t speak.  Sound familar?  Our staff are teacher/coaches who give you the skills AND the confidence to improve!

The Parlez! en toute confiance Experience

Multiple Teacher Option

The more people you speak to, the more you improve and the faster you improve. 

At Parlez! en toute confiance, you have the ability to practice speaking in a safe environment with multiple teachers.

Our teachers offer you a diverse set of experiences and approaches that help you to expand your vocabulary, understand concepts, and become accustomed to various accents.  Our teachers collaborate so that your learning plan is consistent and your progress is steady.

Language Coaching

Most of our clients have the same goal.  When they speak, they want to feel:

  1. More confident
  2. More comfortable
  3. Less vulnerable

Our teachers help you to set realistic and achieveable objectives in your language learning.  They aim to motivate and build your speaking confidence by focusing on clarity and self confidence.  You learn to take pride in your achievements, laugh at your mistakes, and celebrate your progress!

Customized Lessons

Private language classes are one of the MOST effective ways to learn and progress in a second language.

Traditional “Jane walked the dog.” approaches become ineffective past beginner levels because “Jane” has no relevance to YOUR life. 

Our teachers customize your lessons based on your goals, interests, and experiences.    You learn a language based on the needs and the experiences that are most relevant to YOU.

Measurable Progress

Our teachers evaluate your level at the beginning of your classes and every three months after.

Using the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), you are evaluated on your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.  We use your proficiency level to identify areas of improvement and to help you set achievable objectives.

Your teacher also regularly communicates with you about the improvements they observe so that you feel confident in your progress!

Flexible class times in one easy-to-manage system.

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening class times and make it easy to manage your class schedule.  Our dedicated online scheduling system allows you to be in control of your classes.  You can purchase, renew, schedule, and reschedule classes from your laptop, tablet, or phone.  You also receive daily automated reminder emails of upcoming classes so that you never accidentally miss a class!

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Our Approach

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Flexible hours to adapt to your schedule

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes to fit your busy schedule. You can also schedule your classes in the length and frequency that works for you.

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Customized, conversation-based lessons

Your lessons are tailored to your needs, your interests, and your life.  Beginner instruction? Preparing for a business presentation or job interview?  Practicing your conversational skills?  Our teachers can help.

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Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and beyond

Whether you are starting at the beginning or preparing for your next business presentation in Spanish or French, our teachers can get you where you want to go.

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Progress evaluations

You are evaluated at the beginning of your classes and at regular intervals afterwards.  Motivation comes from understanding where you are starting from, where you want to finish, and seeing your progress along the way.

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Language coaching

Our teachers don’t stop at grammar ans structure. They help you to set achievable goals, guide you, encourage you, and celebrate your progress.

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Learn from multiple teachers at once

Our teachers are native speakers of the langauges they teach and fully-fluent second language speakers.  As a result, you receive an immersive, guided learning experience.

About Our Teachers

Our teachers are a diverse team of certified second-language educators who come from a variety of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and professional backgrounds.  They are unilingual, bilingual, trilingual – and in some cases – true polyglots, speaking more than five langauges!  Their experiences and teaching approaches represent the incredible diversity of international language use.

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Business Experience

Our teachers have career experience in multiple fields and sectors such as marketing, business development, engineering, logistics, and telecommunications.  They have worked in multi-cultural business environments and use their experience to give you a first-hand perspective of the language skills you need to succeed.

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Teaching Experience

Our teachers have more than 20 years of experience in teaching languages.  They specialize in adult education through online learning.  Whatever your learning style, whatever your challenge, our teachers will tell you: “You are not alone.”  They have have helped hundreds of clients to acquire a new language with confidence.

image of an adult student learning online

Language Learning Experience

Just like you, our teachers have learned a second language – sometimes more than one.  They understand how difficult and rewarding a language journey can be!  They have also successfully mastered languages and passed international proficiency exams.  They share their tips, tricks, and strategies for success with you!

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Coaching Experience

Our teachers not only teach, but they coach as well.  They help you to set achievable goals and give you the encouragement you need to reach them.  They keep you accountable and motivated by monitoring your progress, reinforcing your achievements, and changing approaches when necessary.  Your success is their success!

"In each of my lessons I progress without knowing it. My teacher makes me immerse myself in an English universe and I immediately feel comfortable and not afraid to speak. Thank you for helping me to make a big leap forward, and giving me confidence."

“I’ve been working with Juan on improving my overall level of fluency and I have to say I couldn't have wished for more. He is an excellent conversation partner and found very applicable content to assist me in achieving my objectives. He’s very patient and very knowledgeable. In short, an absolute professional that I would highly recommend to any other student."

"Working with Jodi means exchanging with an open, dynamic, expressive person who helps us evolve without realizing it! This is not a traditional course, but rather an approach based on frequent discussion and coaching, to allow the student to gain self-confidence and perfect a new language.”

"Working with Juan has been an absolute blast and I couldn't have wished for more! He proved to be an excellent conversation partner and managed to find very applicable content to assist me in achieving my objectives. He is incredibly flexible in terms of availability and very patient with his students. In short, he’s an absolute professional that I would highly recommend to any other student."


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