Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds.  As a result, they are able to adapt and customize lessons to any personal or professional areas. In addition, all of our teachers incorporate elements of coaching – such as goal-setting, accountability, and motivation – into their lessons.

Juan Diego

Meet Juan

Juan is a certified language teacher and coach with 6 years of teaching experience. Speaking Spanish, English, and French, Juan is a master at guiding his clients in successfully acquiring a new language. With a professional background in mechanical engineering and customer service, Juan is your ideal teacher if you are learning Spanish for work, travel, or fun. Living in the beautiful city of Bucamaranga, Colombia, Juan spends his time playing guitar, video games, and sports. As a true “renaissance man,” Juan makes conversation-based learning exciting and motivational!

Fun Fact: Juan speaks NINE languages! Spanish and English - native level; French, Portuguese, and Italian - intermediate level; Korean, Japanese, German, and Colombian Sign Language - beginner level!


Meet Mathilde

As a Quebecois born and raised, Mathilde is the ideal teacher if you are looking to speak French for school, work, travel - or even just for fun! As a certified language teacher and coach, she helps her clients to communicate with the standard structure of international French and all of the fun and flair of Quebecois French (joual). As a native-level speaker of English wIth a background in marine biology, client service, and intercultural communication, Mathilde is an expert at teaching her clients the most practical and accurate vocabulary - especially when it comes to common colloquialisms and expressions where direct translations often don’t make any sense!

Fun Fact: While French is Mathilde’s mother tongue and she spent most of her life in Quebec, Mathilde has NO accent when she speaks English!


Meet Patrick

As a secondary school student who volunteers with elementary level children, Patrick is the ideal facilitator of a safe online experience for children. When he is not studying, he is often practicing Spanish, learning to play the electric guitar, or working part-time at the local skeet shooting association. Passionate about video games, he has been safely navigating online spaces for several years. Patrick uses the visual and audio elements of games such as Fornite (Battle, Lego, and Festival) to create context for listening comprehension and speaking ability in short 30 minute sessions. By gaming with French-speaking kids in English, Patrick takes language learning out of the classroom; instead of dull grammar lessons, English becomes engaging and fun! French-speaking children often develop a more positive attitude toward English and often become more fluent at a younger age!

Fun Fact: Patrick’s favourite dessert is tarte au sucre! Patrick’s mother is an English teacher primarily to French-speaking Canadians and he has traveled in several regions of Quebec - he couldn’t help but be influenced by all of the Quebecois culture!


Meet Jodi

Thanks to 20 years of business, marketing, and communication experience Jodi specializes in teaching business English to adult professionals. Born and raised near Toronto, she has taught English to business and medical professionals from all over the world. And because she has worked across many different industries, Jodi can adapt her lessons to suit many business sectors. As a certified English teacher and coach, Jodi believes in practical language skills and helps her clients to focus on the most important element in human communication: clarity - not perfection!


Fun Fact: Over 20 years ago, when she lived in Israel, Jodi learned to speak Hebrew. When she returned to Canada, she had no one to speak to and she lost the language entirely. As a result, she’s passionate that none of her clients experience the pain of losing the English they worked so hard to learn!


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